DevOps Cat’s Guide To Automation - Part Three

How to have the best of both worlds, your human operator and automation, in incidents

Yoko Li
Jul 15th, 2020

Previously in the DevOps Cat’s Guide to Automation, Pixel taught Cookie about why they can’t fully replace their human with automation and how to train the human to respond to incidents using intuition and emotional intelligence. Next, they explore having both their human operator and automation in incident response. They are the DevOps Cats, and this is their story.

If you missed the previous editions, you can see DevOps Cat’s Guide to Automation part one here and part two here.

The End.

Now that Pixel has taught Cookie about human-in-the-loop automation, they are onto new adventures. What would you like to see DevOps Cat teach you about? Let us know @Transposit and stay tuned for future comics with DevOps Cat!