eBook: How to Modernize Incident Management

A Guide to Incident Management Platform Requirements

Explore the platform requirements needed to modernize incident management and how to future-proof your approach by rethinking documentation, automation, visibility, auditability, and usability.

The rise of cloud computing, APIs, and SaaS has changed the way teams ship and manage software, impacting the traditional incident management process. Organizations lack real-time and accessible documentation, are slowed down by manual communications and processes, and struggle to find a single source of truth. Since the software environment has changed, so too should incident management.


  • Why static documentation isn’t serving teams and how to take a new approach
  • How to find the right level of automation and when to bring humans in the loop
  • How to enhance visibility for internal and external stakeholders
  • How to take the burden of compliance and auditability off of humans
  • Platform requirements that ensure usability for people of varying technical skills