eBook: Not All Integration Platforms Are Built the Same

The emergence of cloud computing and APIs have fundamentally changed how DevOps teams work, and not all integration platforms are keeping up.

Integration approaches like ETL, iPaaS, scripting, and ITSM workflow automation have been around for years, and new generations of these platforms continue to surface. However, the shift towards cloud computing, changes in how APIs are used for infrastructure, and the growing complexity of DevOps processes means there are new requirements that must be met to enable agility, actionability, and scalability across development and operations teams.


  • How the emergence of cloud computing, APIs, and modern infrastructure has changed the needs of operations teams
  • What requirements DevOps teams should look for in an integration platform
  • The pros and cons of ETL, iPaaS, Scripting, ITSM Workflow Automation Tools, and DevOps Process Orchestration