The Future of Operations: Integrating Human Insight with AI


Join this conversation between Niall Murphy, Cofounder & CEO at Stanza and co-author of the best-selling Site Reliability Engineering book, and Tina Huang, Founder & CTO of Transposit, along with moderator Divanny Lamas, CEO of Transposit, as they explore the concept of human-in-the-loop AI, offering insights into the future of AI innovation and its potential impact on the world of operations.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), integrating human intelligence with machine capabilities has become crucial, especially in the realm of incident management, on-call, and process optimization. The webinar delves into this synergistic approach, highlighting how AI can uplift and complement human expertise rather than replace it.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Understanding the role of AI as a "copilot" in enhancing human decision-making for on-call teams.
  • Exploring the balance between AI suggestions and human control in procedure management.
  • Insights into how AI can reduce the stress and complexity of on-call roles.
  • Strategies for implementing human-in-the-loop AI in various organizational processes.

About the Speakers

Niall Richard Murphy has worked in computing infrastructure since the mid-1990s, and has been employed by every major cloud provider (specifically Amazon Google, and Microsoft) from their Dublin, Ireland offices in a variety of roles from IC to Director. He is currently CEO/Founder of Stanza Systems, a small startup in the SRE/AI space. He is the instigator, co-author, and editor of multiple award-winning books on networking, reliability, and machine learning, and he is probably one of the few people in the world to hold degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Poetry Studies. He lives in Dublin with his wife and two children.

Tina Huang is the founder and CTO of Transposit, the AI-powered incident management platform. She believes in taking a human-centric approach to solving complex engineering problems. Prior to Transposit, Tina began her career at Apple designing and building APIs for Apple’s application framework. As an early Google engineer, she worked on Google’s Blogger team and played an instrumental role in re-architecting the Google News frontend. At Twitter she architected, built, scaled and operated the social media company’s notification platform. Tina received her electrical engineering and computer sciences degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She studied humanities at the University of Chicago, framing her viewpoint on human-technology interaction.


Divanny Lamas is the CEO of Transposit, the AI-powered on-call solution. Prior to Transposit, was a Managing Director at leading venture capital firm Sutter Hill Ventures, working with entrepreneurs to tackle ambitious technical challenges. he began her career at Google and spent seven years at Splunk, where she led Product and witnessed first-hand the rise of big data. Divanny has a bachelor of arts degree in government and computer science from Harvard.