Transposit vs. PagerDuty

Transposit’s end-to-end incident management solution combines on-call management and fully automated incident management, guiding teams from alert to resolution.

What’s the Difference Between Transposit and PagerDuty?

Transposit is the only comprehensive incident management solution, guiding teams through every stage of the incident lifecycle with AI-powered automation, on-call management, a vast library of pre-built automations, and invaluable insights that foster continuous improvement. In contrast, PagerDuty primarily focuses on alerting and paging, offering limited capabilities for incident response and resolution. While PagerDuty helps wake teams up, it does little to help teams codify and automate their incident response process. Transposit is the unrivaled platform that delivers end-to-end incident management and is designed to seamlessly adapt as your team, tools, and processes evolve.

Compare Transposit and Pagerduty Side by Side

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On-Call Management

Create on-call schedules and escalation policies. View calendars and notify users via text, phone, or Slack.

Usage-Based On-Call Pricing

Usage-based pricing, so you only pay for people actually using the on-call service.

AI-Powered Automation

Create new automations in seconds using natural language.


Runbooks provide human-in-the-loop automation and documentation.

Hundreds of Integrations

Integrate with hundreds of tools to use thousands of actions.

Hundreds of integrations

Thousands of Automated Actions

Create workflows that combine thousands of actions. Trigger from alerts, custom forms, or Slack.

Only 8 actions available.

Webhook-Powered Automation

Seamlessly receive webhook events from any alert or service, automating incident creation, triggering workflows, and enabling on-call notifications.

Alert Rules

Set conditions to trigger an incident and automation from any incoming alert.

Automatic Timelines

Automatic incident timelines of every automated and human action, including Slack messages.

Timelines do not capture Slack conversations or automated actions

Incident Investigation

Automations to pull logs, graphs, and metrics into your incident.

Incident Remediation

Automations to roll back a change, scale a cluster, or restart a server. Auto-remediate repetitive issues.

Extensibility with Code

Enable developers to modify and create automations with code.

Why Teams Choose to Replace
PagerDuty with Transposit

While Transposit provides a powerful integration with PagerDuty, here are the top 3 reasons teams are choosing to fully replace PagerDuty with Transposit.

Save Budget with Transposit On-Call

Free up budget and reduce SaaS overload by using Transposit On-Call, included in any pricing tier.

  • Our adaptive on-call management seamlessly takes teams from alert to response with custom on-call rotations, escalation policies, and calendars.
  • Notify on-call teams via text, phone, or Slack.

Manage Incidents — From One platform

Transposit is built to guide teams through the entire incident lifecycle, from alert to resolution.

  • Trigger workflows from any alert.
  • Automate incident investigation and remediation.
  • Reduce escalations with runbooks that provide documentation and scripts.
  • Drive improvement with automatic timelines and analytics.

Automate Anything with the Power of AI

Automate across infrastructure, systems, tools, and events with hundreds of pre-built scripts and AI-powered automation.

  • Trigger automation from alerts, custom forms, or Slack.
  • Create almost limitless automation possibilities with AI-generated actions.

Hundreds of integrations, limitless possibilities

Automate workflows across all your tools, services, infrastructure, and events. Integrate with your tools to unlock thousands of pre-built actions, and easily create new actions using the power of AI.

Get started in minutes

Jump right in with pre-built templates, and easily connect all the tools you love with hundreds of integrations.