Create automations in seconds with the power of AI

Our generative AI technology empowers users to create new automations using natural language, making it easier and faster to automate incident management than ever before.

Jessica Abelson, Director of Product Marketing
Jun 5th, 2023

We believe automation should be simple but powerful and accessible to as many people as possible — to do this, we’ve harnessed the power of AI so users can create new automations in seconds. Our generative AI technology empowers users to automate operational tasks using natural language, revolutionizing the process of building workflows on our platform and making it easier and faster than ever before.

While we have hundreds of integrations, we know that tools and processes will always change. Our objective is to make it effortless for teams to create new automations without consuming development resources or investing excessive time in coding. Using AI-generated actions, users can simply tell AI what automation they want (i.e. “add a reaction to a message in Slack”) and our AI technology will create and add the automation into our low-code builder, where it can easily be modified and used to build out incident management workflows.

Our AI journey is only just beginning. We are already working to integrate AI into every step of your incident management. Our primary goal with our AI technology is to give humans superpowers. For years, Transposit has been a champion of human-in-the-loop automation, believing that technology should be an enabler for humans to do what is uniquely human — exercising judgment and problem-solving skills — and allowing technology to take on the burden of tedious work.

We’re taking the same approach with AI, handing over time-consuming tasks to AI and allowing humans to modify and give the final stamp of approval. Using human-in-the-loop AI, we’re combining the strengths of AI and human expertise, empowering humans to continue to do with makes them happiest and uniquely human.

See it in action

How it works

In this script, I’ve already added three pre-built actions. But now I want to add some actions that aren’t pre-built in Transposit — replying in a thread to a message and adding a reaction. For this, I’ll just use the AI generated API call.

I just choose a Service (Slack) and tell the AI what I want it to do (reply in a thread to message). I’ll also need an output from this action — a timestamp to be used in our next action, adding a reaction to the message.

Instantly, the new action is built. I can easily modify this action, should I wish.

I can use data from previous actions to fill in the required fields, like pulling the channel ID from our previous action, “Create channel" and pulling the timestamp from our previous action, “Send message to Slack channel.” For the message text, I’ll pull data from the incident summary field.

I’ll go through the same flow for adding my second AI-generated action, adding a reaction to a message.

Now I can add this script to my Incident Type as an automated script that runs when an incident is created or changed, or add it to a runbook step so a person can execute it anytime.

For this, I’ve added it to automated scripts. Now when a new incident is created, this script automatically runs.

And just like that, I’ve created two new automations.

We’re continuing to expand our AI capabilities to give humans more superpowers and allow humans to do with is uniquely human and accomplish meaningful work. Want to learn more about how we’re bringing AI to Transposit? Reach out.