Say Hello to Dynamic On-Call: Transposit On-Call Reinvents the Reliability Platform

Only pay for what you use — introducing our dynamic on-call that empowers your team to tackle problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

Divanny Lamas, CEO
Sep 26th, 2023

Let’s face it: current on-call solutions are stuck in the Stone Age, leaving you high and dry when you need them most. We’ve all been there — an alert buzzes, jolting you out of your routine, only to leave you scrambling through a clutter of tools, data, and fragmented communications. It’s a chaotic, stressful, and costly ordeal that most tools on the market barely help navigate. It’s time for a solution that doesn’t just buzz your phone but genuinely empowers you to tackle problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Dynamic On-Call — a usage-based on-call solution ready to redefine incident management by bridging the gap between alerting and effective incident response. Welcome to a new era of reliability, where your on-call solution is adaptive, responsive, and doesn’t break the bank.

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The Transposit Reliability Platform

Forget those tools that only make your phone buzz and leave you hanging. Transposit is your companion, guiding you through the entire incident lifecycle, from alert to resolution. We’re not just about sending Slack messages or setting up Zoom meetings — we understand that’s just the tip of the incident iceberg.

Our robust automation engine and thousands of integrations and actions allow teams to craft scripts to investigate and remediate incidents with a mere click, right from Slack. We break down the barriers to low-code automation with a natural language script authoring environment, and a library of templates and best practices to get teams started in minutes.

About That Pricing…

Cost is king — that’s why we’ve eliminated exorbitant, convoluted pricing models with an approach that flexes to your needs. With Transposit, you only pay when users get paged, a true pay-for-what-you-use model.

With Transposit On-Call, you can add Viewers to your on-call rotations without any extra charges. They can include their details, get the lay of the land, and be in the know. If a Viewer springs into action, they’re promoted to a Responder for the month, enjoying all the perks that come with the title. Next month? Back to Viewer! This way, our dynamic on-call pricing adapts to your team’s actual needs — you literally pay only for what you use.

Adaptive and Simple to Use… No More Messy Service Directories

Let’s say goodbye to configuration nightmares and confusing service directories. Our adaptive on-call makes it easy to page the right person, team, or service — for the incident at hand.

Our Vision for the Future of Incident Management

But we’re not stopping there. We’re envisioning a platform that’s smarter and more intuitive. The recent introduction of our AI operator – your “superpowered” teammate — is just a glimpse. Imagine an intelligent ally, integrating seamlessly into your on-call calendars and rotations, always knowing the right expert to rope in, or the stakeholders to notify.

Key Features and Functionality

On-Call Schedules and Escalation Policies

Our adaptive infrastructure simplifies creating and managing on-call schedules and automating escalations. Text, phone, email, or Slack, we ensure the right teammates are in the know. Acknowledge or resolve incidents with just a single click.

Calendars give a holistic view into on-call schedules. See your own shifts and filter schedules by teams so you always know who’s on-call.

Webhook-Powered Automation

Integration with your existing toolkit is seamless. Receive webhook events from any tool or system to auto-create incidents, trigger automation, and page on-call effortlessly.

Alert Management

Say goodbye to multiple platforms and hello to one unified UI. Bring together all your alerts from observability, monitoring, ticketing, and chat platforms. Even better, you can deduplicate alerts and customize routing rules based on any source or payload.

Easily bring alerts right into any Slack channel for quick visibility, and take action on any alert — to resolve or create an incident — with a single click.

Incident Response

Jump into action with context-rich alerts. Automated runbooks guide your team from trigger to resolution, ensuring the right process for every situation.

Based on any alert source or payload, easily customize the type of incidents created or the automations that get triggered, ensuring you’re running the right process for the given situation.

Manage Incidents from Slack

Centralize alerts and manage incidents directly from your Slack workspace.

Quickly create incidents, notify teammates, and trigger automation to investigate and remediate, all without leaving your Slack workspace.

The Future of Incident Management

Transposit’s on-call capabilities are crafted to meet the nuanced needs of modern DevOps teams. We’re on a mission to help you navigate your incident lifecycle more adeptly than ever. By automating mundane tasks and delivering crucial context, Transposit enables you to zero in on what truly counts: keeping your systems humming smoothly. It’s not just about waking up; it’s about waking up to a world of streamlined, automated, and efficient incident management.

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