A New Perspective on Operational Maturity

How This IT Leader Took His Org from Reactive to Self-Healing

The bottom line is this: customers pay for uptime, companies pay for downtime.

While the emergence of cloud computing and the ways APIs are used for infrastructure have advanced the pace at which we can deliver software, they’ve also added a great deal of complexity. IT has become more federated and operations is losing governance over tools and processes. The silos of tools, data, and teams hinder visibility, context, and actionability, resulting in the increased rate and cost of downtime.

To combat these new challenges, IT must take a new perspective when driving towards operational maturity. This requires teams to rethink ITSM and adopt new processes and technologies that enhance visibility and actionability across tools, services, and teams.

In this webinar hear IT Leader, Ryan Taylor, (ex-Hulu, Head of Product at Transposit) discuss:

  • The stages of operational maturity
  • Strategies to move from reactive to self-healing
  • Real-world advice on how to implement tools, processes, and organizational structures to drive operational excellence