GitHub file transfer within Slack

How can you transfer files between repos from the comfort of your Slack client?

Image of Dan Moore
Dan Moore
Sep 4th, 2019

The first #slacktember integration lets you copy files between GitHub repositories. It is a Slack command that anyone can install--all you need is a Slack account, a free Transposit account, and a GitHub account. See the sample application and fork it for full details.

Why might you want to copy files between repos? Perhaps you have data or images that you need to copy to a client repository. Or maybe you have sample development configuration files that should be added to any new project. Of course, you could always use git commands to copy these files, but who wants to leave the comfort of your Slack application?

The true power comes when you extend this application to work with how you access GitHub. Maybe you want to be able to look at all the open PRs or run a report on issue status from within Slack. All of this is possible with Transposit, the GithHub API and the power of SQL. Check out the full GitHub API documentation for more.

Happy Slackin'.