Add Transposit Utility Actions

New to setting up Transposit? Learn how to get started.

Optionally, use Transposit's utility actions as part of your workflows.

  1. Start Creating a New Action. Select Action in the Script Builder drop-down list.

  2. Select a utility. Search for "transposit:" and choose the utility action you need.

    • Generate Incident Summary. Generates an HTML summary of incidents for a given date range.
    • Generate Postmortem. Generates a postmortem template for an activity. See Generate Postmortems for details.
    • List Recent Alerts. Lists recent alerts in Transposit.
    • Multi Select from List. Selects multiple items from a list of options provided as input.
    • Select from List. Selects a from a list of options provided as input.
    • Select outcome. Select the outcome of a Transposit activity when closing it.
    • Send e-mail. Sends an e-mail to a list of recipients.

    Alternatively, search for "post" and choose the post-related Transposit utility action you need.

    • Post an image. Takes a public URL of an image, and posts the image to the timeline.
    • Post File. Posts a file.
    • Post Message. Posts a message.

    Also note the following utility actions.

    • Fail. Fails. Can be used with conditional statements to stop the action chain.
    • Wait. Wait for a specified amount of time (before continuing to the next action).