Transposit Videos

Watch the videos below for a quick overview of what Transposit is all about.

  • Understand Transposit. In this video, you go on a tour of key Transposit features, how they work together, and how to configure them.

  • Work with Transposit in Slack. Authenticate your Slack account in Transposit, connect Transposit to Slack, and use a super smooth flow with a few clicks to create a first incident directly in Slack.

  • Create Your First Template-Based Workflow. In the Transposit Automation Hub, you'll find a library of automated workflow templates ready to use with your team's incident types. Here's how to do that!

  • Create Your First Custom Workflow. Configure workflows in Transposit to create incident types for your team to use as the basis of their incidents. Here's how!

For details, see Your First Custom Workflow.

  • Set Up Webhooks and Alerts. Webhooks help you quickly identify and respond to incidents or any other operational events defined in external technologies. They enable you to send data to Transposit so that alerts can be created. Here's how that works, with videos on how Transposit integrates with webhooks defined in New Relic, ServiceNow, and BigPanda!

For details, see Set up webhooks.

  • Set Up On-call Schedules. On-call schedules help to ensure 24/7 availability of your staff, usually to handle urgent or time-sensitive issues that may also arise outside of regular working hours. Check out here how to set them up!

For details, see Set up on-call schedules.

  • Add AI Generated API Calls. While you create your automations, AI is available to curate parameters from selected services into usable actions. Without needing to know the underlying APIs, type prompts to AI, which will generate the parameters you need for accessing the underlying API layer.

For details, see Add AI Generated API Calls.

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