Generate Postmortems

New to setting up Transposit? Learn how to get started.

Once you have created your script, added triggers, and added actions, and typically as a final step in your script, you can generate a postmortem to document everything that happened during the incident.

  1. Start Creating a New Action. Select Action in the Script Builder drop-down list.

  2. Generate a Postmortem Template. Choose the action for generating a postmortem template.

  3. Set the Postmorten Properties. In the Transposit: Generate Postmorten Input properties, click Data next to Activity ID. Select Activity and ID.

    You should now see the below in the Activity ID field.

  4. Select an Output Document. Next, choose an action to provide a document where the template will be rendered. For example, you can use Confluence as the output document for your postmortem template.

    Alternatively, you can use Google Docs as your output document.

    Useful links:

  5. Connect the Actions. In the Confluence: Create Page Input properties, click Data next to Title, and select the previous action's title.

    Do the same for the content, so that the template's content is passed into the output document.

  6. Run the Script. When you run the script, the postmortem document is automatically created.