Available Actions#

  • Deploy a release in Octopus

Setting Up the Connector#

  1. In the Service Group Settings, select the Connector Configurations tab, click Add configuration, and search for Octopus. Select the item and click Add configuration.

  2. In the New configuration: Octopus dialog, specify a configuration name, set your Octopus Base URL, and click Save.

  3. In the Service Group Settings, select the Keys tab, click Add key, and search for Octopus. Click Create a key, specify a key name, select the configuration you created above, and click Save.

  4. In the Keys page, where your key is now listed, click Authenticate.

  5. Follow the instructions in the dialog to get your key.

  6. Enter the key received as described above and click Save.

Using Octopus in a Transposit Script#

  1. Begin creating a new action in a script.

  2. Search for the actions related to Octopus, select one, and click Add.

  3. Fill out the inputs and select the key you created earlier.

  4. Run the script and take note of the output in Transposit.

    In Octopus, notice that the page created in Transposit is listed.