Triggering Webhooks

Once you have created webhooks in Transposit, you can funetune and use them, and then observe their payloads when their events are triggered.

  1. Finetune the Webhook. In the Webhooks page, click Debug Webhook to work with the payload and click Edit Webhook to finetune the webhook as needed.

  2. Use the Sample cUrl. In the Webhooks page, click Debug Webhook or Edit Webhook and notice the link in the bottom left to the sample cURL.

    Register the Webhook in the External Service. Copy the webhook URL and register it as part of the webhook definition in the applicable external service.

  3. Observe the Newly Created Activities. When a webhook is triggered by the external service, notice that a new activity is automatically created in Transposit.

    Observe the Newly Created Events in the Timeline. Within the activity's timeline, the incoming webhook event is automatically shown.

    Observe the Mapped Data Value in the Details Tab. The Details tab automatically shows the data that you mapped while setting up the webhook in Transposit.