Available Actions#

  • Get location from IP

Setting Up the Connector#

  1. In the Service Group Settings, select the Keys tab, click Add key, and search for ipstack. Click Create a key, specify a key name, and click Save.

  2. In the Keys page, where your key is now listed, click Authenticate.

  3. Notice that instructions are provided for where the key can be found in ipstack.

  4. Follow the instructions and get your key and paste it into the dialog above.

Trying Out the Connector#

To verify that the connector is set up correctly, do the following.

  1. Add a new action in a script.

  2. Search for the action related to ipstack, select it, and click Add.

  3. Fill out the inputs.

  4. Assign the key you created earlier.

  5. Run the script and take note of the output in Transposit.