New Relic Webhook

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In addition to setting up API integrations between Transposit and New Relic, you can also use webhooks to send incident payloads from New Relic to Transposit.


Watch the Video

The quick video below outlines the steps you'll take in this section.

Set Up the Webhook

Add the following to the payload in New Relic to let you bring alert graphs from New Relic into Transposit:

"violationChartUrl":{{ json violationChartUrl }}

To work with webhooks in New Relic, you need the following set up in New Relic:

  • Destinations. Give the destination a name and an endpoint URL that you generate in Transposit. No authorization is required.
  • Alert Conditions. Conditions run from data, which you can see in All Entities, from which you can create alert conditions. Alert conditions are rules for threshold settings and memory usage fow which you want alerts to be sent.
  • Alert Policies. Add your conditions to an alert policy.
  • Workflows. Assign the policy to the workflow, except if you're simply sending test notifications. When you send test notifications, the violationChartUrl image that is sent will not be valid.

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