Getting Started as an Admin

Transposit has been set up for you and your team. You're logged in as an owner or power user, with configuration responsibilities applicable to an administrator or configurator. Now, you're wondering what to do to configure Transposit and how to get started!

By the time you have completed the initial stage of the configuration experience, described below, you will have told Transposit about the tools your team uses, you will have authenticated to some of those tools, and you will have set up your team's first automation.

Here are the initial tasks for you as an administrator, configurator, or power user of Transposit.

You should be able to set up your first workflow and webhooks, as outlined above, not long after first logging into Transposit.

This stage of the setup experience is exposed to any user that has permission to create new automations.

Next Steps#

Now that you've taken your first steps, let's set up more comprehensive incident resolution workflows for your team.

  • Set up Slack as a communication channel for your team. Optionally, in addition to the web interface that Transposit provides, you can work with Transposit from Slack.
  • Automate your processes and workflows. Go to the Automation Hub to see the library of automations that you can add to your incident types, or create your own.
  • Enhance your automations with AI. Transposit makes it easier for incident responders to do their work by simplifying automation via built-in support for OpenAI. No need to know the underlying APIs to external tools and services, simply type the information you need and the API calls are generated for you.
  • Integrate your team's Cloud services. While you're reusing and creating automations, you'll be integrating with external services and applications, including authenticating to them.
  • Customize and define your team's incident types. Now that you have one or more automations, extend the list of incident types that may already be available, so that your team has starting points for their incidents, tailored to their specific needs.