Understand Transposit

Transposit enables simple-to-use workflows and powerful automations across your company’s tech stack and guides incident responders from the first incident alert to its resolution.

Administrators and other power users can get started in minutes with pre-built workflow automation templates that easily connect to all of their team's tools.

Our mission is to provide your operations teams with a powerful collaborative experience that enables them to resolve incidents faster than ever before.

Unlike other incident resolution technologies, Transposit is focused on these key features:

  • A holistic system. From alert to post-incident reviews, Transposit helps users through each phase of the incident response process. While other tools focus only on coordinating incident communications, Transposit supports investigation, remediation, and helps teams improve their process over time.
  • Extensibility. If you want to customize your team’s incident management processes, you can easily use Transposit's automations, custom fields, and webhook support.
  • Full usability via the web. Comparable incident technologies are highly dependent on Slack for their workflows. While Transposit supports and integrates completely with Slack and Microsoft Teams, it also works well for teams who prefer a web experience.
  • AI-enhanced. Transposit makes it easier for incident responders to do their work by simplifying automation via built-in support for AI. There’s no need to know the underlying APIs to external tools and services, you simply type the information you need and the API calls are generated for you.

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