Adding User Input

Each activity can include a list of scripts defined by automated actions and triggering rules, including the ability to start a script manually or through a chat command.

Scripts are associated with activities and can be inherited by the templates that you use to define them.

  1. Start Creating User Input. Select User input in the Script Builder drop-down list.

  2. View User Input Editor. Notice that Transposit user input form builder is added to your script and the Form preview is shown on the right of the dialog, as described below.

    a. Click the Edit Form button to open the User Input Form Builder.

    b. View the preview of the Input Form that you have built in the User Input Form Builder.

    c. Select an item in the script to view its properties, such as the Form Name and Form preview, on the right.

  3. Open the User Input Form Builder. Click the Edit Form button above the Form Preview section on the right, as shown below.

  4. Add User Interface Elements. Below each block in the editor, click the button to add the next block with the user interface element of your choice, as shown below.

  5. View Advanced Configuration. Click Advanced Configuration to view and tweak the underlying JSON generated by the user interface elements that you add in the builder.