Set Up Transposit

Welcome to Transposit!

You’ve signed up for Transposit, you’ve got your own team on the Transposit site, and now you're wondering... what are the initial steps you should take to get started?

Getting started means putting everything in place to integrate your processes into Transposit, starting with the initial steps below.

1. Add the Transposit app to Slack or Microsoft Teams.

If a communication channel such as Slack or Microsoft Teams has not yet been integrated with Transposit, go to Settings > Team and set up your preferred communication channel, authorizing the workspace you want to use with Transposit.

2. Invite Team Members.

Send the link to the sign in page to your team members or send them invites while registering them in Settings > Team.

Make sure that your team members sign in using the team's workspace. For example, if you're using Slack, they should click Sign in with Slack using the team's Slack workspace.

3. Let's get started!

You are now ready to configure, use, and extend Transposit. From here, you can:

Next Steps