Application code repository

Your application's code is stored and versioned in a git repository. You can clone the repository to view diffs or use your own editor tools to modify your application.

File structure#

  • Metadata files
    • manifest.json: the main configuration for your application; notably, the location of your application's source code is defined in this file (e.g. "source": "src")
    • README.md: the optional README for your application
    • LICENSE: the optional LICENSE for your application
  • Source code files
    • public/index.html: the HTML for your hosted app
    • *.js: The JavaScript files for your JavaScript operations
├── README.md
├── manifest.json
└── src
├── hello_world.js
└── public
└── index.html

Cloning Your repository#

  • Go to Settings > App Info.
  • Grab the URL under Source code.
  • Click the link to your account settings page or go to the dropdown for your username in the upper right hand corner and click Settings.
  • Copy the Git access token from this page
  • Clone your repository using your username and your git access token. For convenience, you can also create a .netrc file in your home directory that stores these credentials. The file will have an entry like the following:
machine console.transposit.com