Application code repository

You’ve found documentation about extending the Transposit Developer Platform, which is accessible on request. In most cases, you can now set up and use Transposit without needing to extend the Transposit Developer Platform. Go here for the related docs and support.

Your application's code is stored and versioned in a git repository. You can clone the repository to view diffs or use your own editor tools to modify your application.

File structure

  • Metadata files
    • manifest.json: the main configuration for your application; notably, the location of your application's source code is defined in this file (e.g. "source": "src")
    • the optional README for your application
    • LICENSE: the optional LICENSE for your application
  • Source code files
    • public/index.html: the HTML for your hosted app
    • *.js: The JavaScript files for your JavaScript operations
├── manifest.json
└── src
    ├── hello_world.js
    └── public
        └── index.html

Cloning Your repository

  • Go to Settings > App Info.
  • Grab the URL under Source code.
  • Click the link to your account settings page or go to the dropdown for your username in the upper right hand corner and click Settings.
  • Copy the Git access token from this page
  • Clone your repository using your username and your git access token. For convenience, you can also create a .netrc file in your home directory that stores these credentials. The file will have an entry like the following:
        login <YOUR USER NAME>
        password <YOUR GIT ACCESS TOKEN>