Release Notes: September 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 updates to Transposit, with new integrations, new support for executive summaries, enhanced validations, and user friendly display names for actions.

New Integrations

New data connectors have been developed for:

  • New Relic
  • GoToMeeting
  • Terraform Cloud
  • Octopus

New data parsers for receiving webhook alerts from:

  • Epsagon
  • New Relic

Executive Summary

A new field is provided for letting your most important stakeholders know an activity's high level status. In Slack, the executive summary is a pinned field and stays in sync with the activity.


Several validation use cases have been addressed to make grouping actions and saving runbooks a more robust experience.

Further details:

  • Fix for action chain errors with mixed dynamic and static input.
  • Fix for input to another action's input when desired input is itself a dynamic parameter.
  • Fix for surfacing user-visible errors from input prompt operations.
  • Fix for events with existing activities showing "Create Activity" button.
  • Fix to remove action trigger warning message when deleting an action.
  • Fix for duplicated and out-of-order timeline events for opening and closing activities.

User Friendly Display Names for Actions

When you're developing actions in the Developer Platform, you can provide easy to understand display names, called "pretty names", for display to the writers and executors of runbooks.