Building Apify integrations in Transposit

You’ve found documentation about extending the Transposit Developer Platform, which is accessible on request. In most cases, you can now set up and use Transposit without needing to extend the Transposit Developer Platform. Go here for the related docs and support.

Apify is the place to find, develop, buy and run cloud programs called actors. These actors allow you to perform web scraping, data extraction or automation tasks on any website, regardless whether it has an API or not. Their actors, tasks, and datasets allow you and your team to have the data of the web at your fingertips.

The best Apify solutions are ones that are able to relay their information with as little manual input as possible. If the Apify Store does not have the solution that works for you, Transposit provides the perfect platform for you to begin developing your own app with any Apify actor you like. Transposit handles the overhead so you get to focus on the fun. Imagine connecting Apify to Slack, Google Sheets, or Twilio without worrying about auth!

Key Features

Managed authentication 🔐
Your Apify integrations need to work with cloud services on behalf of your users. Transposit manages users, their credentials, refreshing tokens, and storing them securely.
User customization 🎨
When you’re building a custom Apify integration you want it to be, well, custom! Transposit gives a simple mechanism to let users customize: specify a custom start URL, sync run information to Slack, query your datasets as if they were in SQL
Broad API support 📱
Connect and authenticate in seconds to the services you use. Experiment interactively rather than scouring documentation. Check out the growing list-none of connectors here
Up-level your work 🤔
Transposit’s relational engine puts SQL in front of any API. And lets you mix in JavaScript when you need. Write less code in a language designed to manipulate, transform, and compose data.
Severless 🚀
Build your logic and let Transposit host it for you. Build and deploy an app for your entire team in minutes. Really.
Fork and customize examples 🌳
Try some of our sample apps or some apps built by other developers. Close but not what you need? Fork it, and customize it. You don’t need to start from scratch.

Sample applications

Here's a few starting points. Try them out, view the code, fork a copy, customize to suit your needs.

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A bot that matches you with the soonest Pride event in your city, using Twilio and Apify.

View code

App icon

Amazon Review Scraper

Copy over all Amazon reviews of a product to a new Google Sheet.

View code

App icon

Apify Demo

Sample API calls to start using Apify in Transposit.

View code