Creating Your First Activity

An activity is a response to a requirement for work to be done, defined in Transposit as a container for everything happening as part of that response.

Creating a new activity is a typical starting point when you are using Transposit.

Creating a New Activity#

Click New in Transposit's toolbar to begin creating new activities.

Select the activity type from the list of those made available to your team:

Note: The existing activity types are likely to cover many of your team's use cases, however, your team is probably going to need more (see creating new activity types) and may want to hide the existing activity types or finetune the fields they make available (see configuring activity types).

Creating a New Activity in Slack#

When you're in a Slack channel connected to Transposit, type /transposit new, as shown below, to begin creating activities directly from Slack:

When you press Enter after typing /transposit new, the dialog below is displayed in Slack, so that you can create activities as a natural part of your workflow in Slack:

Creating a New Activity from Events#

All incoming events will appear in the Activity Feed. For eacht event, you can click Create activity to begin the process of creating new activities, as shown below.

Events can also appear in Slack, as shown below. For each event received in Slack, click Create activity directly in Slack to begin creating a new activity.

Once you've created an activity, you can use it as described in Using Transposit.